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I love your blog and was wondering if u could please checkout my blog, and maybe if u like can u please follow? infinitelyshinningkiss

Ahh thank you so much! ^0^

I really like yours! Yay for common interests~ :3

That classified document. Exactly how the nation ridiculed the citizens. You reveal it. Cheon Jae Man… Hurry! Hurry and catch him. I… it seems like I can’t go after him right now. C… City Hunter. Yoon Sung… My father… Please forgive him. I’m sorry.

He was an amazing prosecutor… Why… ㅠ.ㅠ

Cheon Jae Man. Your professional negligence, embezzlement and fraud, and tax evasion… And hiring a hit man to kill. I… Seoul District’s… Prosecutor Kim Young Joo… will see that you get the maximum sentence allowed… 22 years and 6 months.

Even until the very end, he’s fighting for justice. ಥ_ಥ

Young Joo: When you said you’ll give me a chance… I’ll take it as a promise.

Sae Hee: YOU don’t forget the promise.

Young Joo: Let’s talk when I get back. I’ll come back quickly.

Lee Yoon Sung is similar to you. He looked very lonely too. How did he live, that he only has scars on his back? Watching him so proficient at pulling out a bullet buried in his body. I felt sorry for him. A puppy who’s lost his way.

City Hunter episode 19, wanting to call each other yet hesitating about it.

LOL, ahjussi would be reading a book to Suk Doo Shik so he can “turn over a new leaf”. You have to love him ! XD

Omo, he looks like a sad puppy, I just want to squish him~ >//<

Omo, he looks like a sad puppy, I just want to squish him~ >//<

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